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Where Can You Find Examples of Tiger Lily Bouquets?

As the name suggests, tiger lily is another kind of lily resembling a tiger: orange with a bunch of dark purples and black spots. Tiger lily bouquet is an exotic and unique gift because tiger lilies are harder to find than regular ones. So, you might be wondering where you can find them. While it is native to eastern Asia, especially in China, Japan, and Korea, you can ask your florist if they have a tiger lily bouquet ready for you. To ease your search, you can also invite online florists such as FlowerAdvisor.

Is tiger lily orange?

Yes, the tiger lily is orange, but it also comes in different colors, such as red, yellow, pink, and white. They also have the same dark spots on the petals. The most common one is the bright orange colored one with dark spots, hence the name tiger.

Are tiger lilies and daylilies the same?

Daylilies are also orange and have varieties of colors, so that some people might mistake daylilies for tiger lilies. However, they are both different flowers with different shapes, colors, growing habits, and root systems. Daylilies have more hybrids than tiger lilies. If you look closer at these aspects, you can see that tiger lilies and daylilies are very different—the petals of the tiger lily point downward. Tiger lily has longer and sharper leaves, while daylilies are not. The leaves of daylilies are like grass, clumping, and the petal faces upward like a trumpet.

What does the tiger lily bouquet symbolize?

The tiger’s bright orange color lily resembles a tiger, making the tiger lily the symbol of confidence. The giver also shows pride and wealth with this tiger lily color. However, other lilies resemble different meanings, such as yellow, full of enjoyment and thankfulness. As with other flowers, the flowers’ type and colors would determine the purpose of the flowers. Flowers have been used to communicate feelings with unspoken words, which we call the language of flowers. Therefore, keep in mind that the meaning of flowers matters when you choose a lily bouquet.

Do all tiger lilies have spots?

All tiger lilies do have spots, which is why it is named tiger lilies. If you find a tiger lily bouquet that doesn’t have areas, that’s probably another type of lilies that might look similar, such as daylilies. The black spots that tiger lilies have are called bulbils. These bulbs don’t just add beauty to the orange petals. The bulbs function as one of the materials tiger lilies needs to grow a new plant. The bulbs can drop from the tiger lillies. When the bulbs fall into the ground, another tiger lilies will grow.

Types of Tiger Lilies

Hybrid Tiger Lilies

The Latin name of tiger lilies is Lilium lancifolium, the original orange lilies with many bulbs on the petals. Other tiger lilies possess different colors, such as red, yellow, white, or even mixed orange. This is because the tiger lillies are crossed with another type of lily that is often mistaken as tiger lilies, Asiatic lilies. This makes various unique lilies with pretty colors. The petals are curved to the back and the stamens are pointing upwards, with the classic characteristics of the spotty bulbs. When mature enough, the bulbs can even turn shiny before dropping to the ground and create another flowering bulb. The stamens also have different colors depending on the petal colors. The red ones have red stamens, yellow ones have black stamens, and white ones have red stamens. Crossing both of these flowers gives such a unique and beautiful, if not elevated, regular tiger lilies.

Double Orange Tiger Lilies

This type of tiger lilies is not as bright as the other tiger lilies. The orange color is a little bit faded, but still very pretty at the same time. You can quickly notice that the bulbs are more giant in size and amount. Double orange tiger lilies don’t have any stamens, so it is easily distinguishable as well. However, due to the lack of stamens, there will be no pollen dropping from the flowers to grow a new one. But the good thing is that a double orange tiger lily bouquet is perfect because there will be no pollen that will stain the fabric in your receiver’s home.

Orange Ditch Lily

Orange ditch lily is not technically tiger lily. It is classified into daylilies instead. But, it’s also often mistaken for tiger lilies because of the colors. This type of lily doesn’t have any spot, but instead a line that comes from the center to the top of the petals. This can be an alternative if you cannot find tiger lilies around. The color is bright reddish-orange with a yellow center, which is also stunning as a lily bouquet!

Where can you find tiger lilies?

Tiger lilies don’t quickly grow everywhere. It requires sunny shades to develop correctly, in addition to well-drained locations. This is why it originated in parts of Asia that are sunny enough for tiger lilies to grow. Moreover, to produce a tiger lily, you would need to pay attention to organic matters, such as soil, compost, and peat moss. The soil needs to have neutral pH. Therefore acid is necessary for there. Tiger lilies are edible, but the pollen is not. Pollen can be toxic to children and pets, like cats and dogs. So, make sure that you keep your lilies, including lily bouquet, far away from children and your pets if they are toxic to them.

If you would like to purchase a tiger lily bouquet, you can ask your local florist or go-to online florist stores like FlowerAdvisor. Your florist will arrange your needs and find the best tiger lilies for your unique bouquet. They will surely do best for special occasions, with the stunning bright colors that will brighten up the entire room it enters. Happy shopping!

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