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What to eat in Puerto Escondido?

Puerto Escondido itself is brimming with excellent seafood restaurants, bustling margarita bars, and brightly coloured low-rise buildings. The busy Benito Juarez market, which is packed with vegetable, fruit, and seafood shops, is the town’s throbbing heart. Playa Marinero, Playa Principal, and Zicatela are the three main beaches of Puerto Escondido town. You can also explore the smaller coves listed below, which are great for swimming. Playa Marinero, Playa Principal, and Zicatela are the three main beaches of Puerto Escondido town. You can also explore the smaller coves listed below, which are great for swimming.

There are plenty of places to stay in Puerto Escondido. If you are sensitive to noise, avoid booking the sea view rooms on weekends because the pubs play music till late. Some lodgings in Mexico’s surf capital have great beachfront locations. The hotel is decorated in a traditional style throughout and has terraces with views of the sea. Enjoy exquisite Mexican cuisine and beverages in the evenings.There are accommodations with pools, restaurants, and extremely friendly personnel.

There’s no better spot to start your gastronomic trip than Puerto Escondido if you’re hoping to combine your beach trip with some traditional Oaxacan cuisine. Let’s have a look at some of the unique foods available in Puerto Escondido:

  • The variables and Mole– This salsa is one of the most complicated and complex in the world, and it can easily compete with any well-known recipe. Mole is traditionally eaten with chicken, although it can be made with beef, pork, turkey, or any other meat. When served over tortillas, it’s dubbed “Enmoladas,” a popular meal in Mexico. Mole is a must-try if you visit Mexico because it strikes the right combination of sweetness and savoury flavours.
  • Tamales– While tamales are popular throughout Mexico, these delectable bundles are a work of art in Oaxaca. They come with a range of fillings, ranging from pepper strips to mole chicken. Tamales are created from maize dough blended with a filling and steamed after being wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves.
  • Tacos with smoked fish– As one of the most well-known fishing destinations, Puerto Escondido has something unique to offer: smoked fish tacos. The fish is smoked and cooked with a unique salsa, then the vegetables are added and everything is wrapped up in a tortilla like a taco.
  • Cuitlacoche– This unusual black corn fungus is known as the Mexican truffle because of its earthy flavour. The delicacy may have the appearance of a lump of coal, but the black gold sells for top money in local markets.
  • Drinks made with chocolate– Mexico is known around the globe as the home of cacao beans and chocolate, and Oaxaca remains one of the most well-known producers and consumers of this mystical substance. You can buy a hot or cold chocolate almost anywhere, and in select places, you can even obtain a chocolate frappé.
  • Tlayudas– It is an iconic Oaxacan street snack, and while they’re commonly referred to as “Mexican pizza,” they’re nothing like a conventional Italian pizza. Tlayudas are a popular restaurant and street snack in Oaxaca and throughout Mexico because they are delicious and filling. Lunch and dinner are the most popular times to eat them. That would also be a nice choice for vegans.

Always remember to find the best locations to eat before diving into the native Mexican cuisine. With its famed and absolutely spectacular cuisine, Oaxaca ranks first among Mexican gastronomy destinations.While the southern Pacific Coast of Mexico is known for its surfing, it is also located in the state of Oaxaca. And that means delicious meals!Apart from its beautiful scenery and friendly people, Mexico is a popular destination for foodies.

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