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What is the meaning of SCADA and roles?

SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisition. In which scada uses alarms, sensors, cameras, robots, and other equipment to run the plant. It doesn’t run the plant but it gives proper data statics to the person who is in charge. So, that they can look through data. And, make the best decision according to the data. It gives real-time monitoring of the plant. So, the production rate is increasing day by day. And, no accidents occur in the industry premises. By that one can understand the roles of SCADA in any industry.

The modern SCADA system is very up to date and uses new technology. And, it is much more powerful than it was in the earlier days. In the early days of SCADA few things were there. Like uses some livers to trigger the alarm. And, then giving signals to the sensors and operator. But now all the things have changed. It is more powerful, more reliable, and robust to use.

Where SCADA can be used?

SCADA is mainly used in oil & gas, power, telecommunication, water treatment, and sewer plant. So, that they can do the real-time monitoring of the power grid and telecommunication line. And, if anything bad happens it can be solved immediately. But after the implementation of new things in the SCADA. A lot of other sector companies are trying to install them in their plant. It is just that they need to customize the SCADA system for their plant. Only then they can use the functions of SCADA and it will run smoothly.

Is IoT and SCADA are same?

This is the question that is being asked by a lot of people. And, because of the similarities, people consider it as the same thing. But both IoT and SCADA are different things. Sometimes they do overlap with each other. And, in some cases, both the system is installed in the plant. But both are different.

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