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What is a Metal Bed Frame And What Are Its Benefits

A bed frame is a part of the bed that supports the mattress. Bed frames are used to raise the mattress off the ground and bear a heavy load. When designed, any bed frame should be ensured of the perfect height when the bed is placed on it. Trying to find the perfect bed frame for the perfect bed might be challenging, but Wakefit’s bed is one of the best. It is better to choose the right frame for your room before buying a mattress in order to match them perfectly. In case you are going for regular sizes of mattresses like the king size mattress and the queen size mattress, you can buy the bed frame even after buying the mattress as the dimensions are well known. The origin of raised bed frames began in Malta and Egypt. As time passed by and civilization made progress further, bed frames evolved into many different shapes and sizes. One such wonderful innovation is the metal bed frames. They have a large number of advantages, and we will be looking into them below.

Benefits of Metal bed frames:

Metal bed frames are opted for by many people as they are strong and durable. These metal bed frames are designed to carry a lot of weight and can be used to place mattresses on them. Bed frames carry not only the weight of the mattress but also the person sleeping on it. Iron or metal beds were developed in the seventeenth century, and the idea travelled around the world. Here are the benefits of metal bed frames and why you should use them.

Strong and durable Metal by nature is a very strong material. It is durable and can last a lifetime. Whereas the wooden bed frames start to creak and warp as years pass and get damaged over time. They are solid, heavy-built, and do not sag like the wooden bed frames. The tough nature of metal frames can withstand any amount of weight.

Can be fixed easily Sometimes, metal bed frames are prone to rust. You can quickly fix this issue by painting the frame. This gives you an opportunity to use a different colour if you are bored of the same paint. It is more than enough if you address just this one factor that allows you to use your metal bed for years.

Feels modern and elegant – Metal bed frames are the ideal option for those who are inclined towards giving a modern and sleek look to their bedrooms. The stylish metal bed frames stand tall and tender, giving a classy effect to your bedroom. It adapts itself very well to contemporary interior design and modern artwork décor. Metal bed designs can suit every home, be it conventional décor or contemporary style, and they look fabulous.

Is cost-effective It is obvious that people make decisions on buying metal frames and wooden frames based on their financial ability. A metal bed frame with a nice standard metal can cost you less than a wooden bed frame. This means, as the size of the bed frame increases, the cost also increases invariably. Choosing a metal bed frame is considered more economical than a wooden frame as it gives you all the benefits at a better cost.

Easy to clean and maintainThe best advantage of using a metal bed frame is that it required very little maintenance and care. Unlike the wooden bed frames, there is no fear of insects, mites and termites in the metal bed frames. The metal bed frames offer resistance to fungal and bacterial infection. Moreover, no pests and insects have the ability to damage the metal. The only fear is rusting of iron, which can be identified in its early stages and painted. Cleaning a metal bed frame is as simple as wiping it with a wet cloth to remove the dust from it. It needs minimum attention and can stand steady for years together.

Less in weight and easy to transport Many might be in the misconception that iron is heavier than wood, which is not true in the case of bed frames. Wooden bed frames are heavier than metal bed frames, thus making them easier to transport from one place to another. There are a few heavy-duty queen-sized metal frames in the market. These types are chosen by people who deliberately want heavier ones for their bedrooms. The metal bed frames can be easily assembled and disassembled by anyone.

Can be moulded in different shapes As metal can be moulded easily in different forms, the metal bed frames are available in plenty of options in the market. Manufacturers can easily mould them into various shapes and sizes. It is very easy to make metal bed frames with headboards and footboards. These factors enhance the aesthetic feel of your room. A metal bed frame made of wrought iron gives a classic look, while the others give a contemporary look. Choose the perfect metal bed online that adapts to your room décor.

Available in many options and colours Metal bed frames are very versatile and available in different colours in the market. The benefit of metal here is that it can be coated with any colour of paint depending upon one’s style and taste, whereas these colours are not available in wooden beds. You not only have the option of single or double metal beds but bunk beds for kid’s bedrooms. These bunk beds are designed in a way to attract kids. They have their ladders painted in different colours like pink, blue, red, etc. giving a cute feel to the entire bedroom.

Metal bed frames have all kinds of advantages and practical reasons to buy. Metal frames are very convenient to use as they can be easily assembled, disassembled as they are lighter in weight. Nowadays, the trend is to choose smart furniture that suits your lifestyle. It is always wise to go for metal frames lighter in weight than the other complex ones that are heavier and bulkier.

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