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The merits of using PDF Instead of Word Document

There are different document formats you can get, but PDF and word are the commonly used. Many people are in need of getting the right format for their documents between PDF and Word. It is important to carry wide research to understand why you need to convert your docx to PDF format.PDF format is much better than word because it is very flexible.

You can convert your document easily using the appropriate platform. Some other reasons include the decrease in file size you will get after considering the use of PDF without sacrificing the document’s quality.


MS Word is the author of the document before the conversion of PDF is taking place. Like the PDFs that can be transmitted easily without losing original style, you will find that MS word document is losing the formatting style and writing when you need to transfer them from one device to the other. The Microsoft word document is again losing the authors style when opened using various MS versions. When it comes to PDF, you will find that it looks the same regardless of the PDF devices or version used to access it.


Some cyber-attacks are affecting many businesses today. Therefore, this is causing exposure of the private documents to be on a higher risk, particularly in this digitalized era. The MS word document is at higher security risk because of its inability to protect it from some intruders. Some software that include the PDF element has a great security measure where you will find many users protecting their PDF with a strong password. This will make it hard for outsiders to view any document without some clearance. Many business professionals and legal are trusting PDF to protect their files without any worry about cybersecurity.

With the use of PDF format, you will get a better chance of securing your documents to ensure that there is nobody who is able to change the content without you noticing.  According to the legal law, the electronic document admitted in legal court should be created using a file format that does not leave an electronic footprint. With that said, you require to make sure you are using the PDF format because it is able to fulfil such conditions.

Easy to create

Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint and any other document are easily formatted to PDF files. The software of PDF has again made it easier for any user to convert the PDF into a word document or any other desired format.

File size

PDF format is well known for quality since it is able to convert any file into a PDF without signs of losing quality. Considering the conversion of other document files into PDF will assist you to reduce the size of the file. This will again provide you with an excellent value in the merging document in a different format. Again, this will help you convert your image, excel, power point presentation, and MS word to a single PDF. You will also require to make sure you are getting the right format that is matching with your work.

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