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Protect Your Vehicle With Parking Covers

Does your vehicle spend a lot of time outdoors? As you may already know, this can cause you to suffer problems both in its appearance and in its operation. And it is that heat, cold or rain can damage your means of transport and, consequently reduce its years of life and good service. How? We explain it to you and, how could it be otherwise? We offer you the solution.

  1. Cold And Rain

On long winter nights, the temperatures are usually quite low, causing severe frost. Taking your car in the morning and checking that the windows are completely white and frozen not only causes great discomfort, but also that your vehicle is suffering. If the windows are frozen, do not activate the windshield wiper, the remedy may be worse than the disease.

  1. Sun And Heat

Direct sun exposure can weaken the brightness of your car, that is why it is necessary to have a car umbrella (ร่มกางรถยนต์ราคา, which is the term in Thai). Over time, the varnish layer will most likely lose strength and depth, exposing the largest paint layer and thus removing protection and color. Also, if your car is parked for a long time in the sun when you go driving, you run the risk of not being able to drive well because the steering wheel burns.

  1. Trees And Birds

Finally, it is also very important to protect your car from trees. Pollen, resin or bird debris can end up on the bodywork, filling your car with dirt and wearing down the paint that covers it.

What Can I Do? Install A Cover!

As you have been able to verify, the protection of your vehicle is essential for its good maintenance. However, we propose the installation of a car cover tent (เต็นท์คลุมรถ, which is the term in Thai) so that your means of transport does not suffer much and will last longer. Not only is it a very practical solution, but with this system, you will save money and time, avoiding building a completely closed structure.

Do not worry about the measurement or size you need since there is a wide variety of covers for different models. And most importantly, these sturdy covers guarantee a safe and shady shelter to the vehicle, isolating it from rain, snow, hail and sun rays.

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