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Highlights On Making An SEO Budget

If you are an agency or you are starting like various seo company in Thailand, there are several things that you should consider more than necessary before you start making a budget. Since if you do not take them into account, you may make the mistake of thinking that all domains are working in the same way.

  • Indexing

For me, one of the keys in SEO is knowing how Google values ​​the URLs of a domain.

Not only does it consist of knowing what is there, but it is also essential to know what consistency it has in SEO to know such important things as the distribution of domain traffic or find out what points you can work on and what is better not to touch; at least at the beginning of the project.

  • Authority

Authority is only a mathematical fact and is not the main SEO factor we can work with.

But, indeed, it is not the same to start working with a domain that has a tiny authority than one with high authority, the thing changes a lot.

  • Link building

An SEO strategy can indeed be done without links. I have worked on many projects without links reaching good results, But since what is involved is to make a budget, it is better to notify the customer of this need or point of improvement. Which by the way, is increasingly expensive. If, on the contrary, the domain has too many links, it is possible that you have to make a disavow and that is many hours of work (to do it well) that you have to budget if you do not want to work too much without charging.

  • History

Look at the history of a domain, that is, if it has had drastic ups and downs, I think it is essential.

When making the strategy/budget, there will be many differences.

It is not the same to work for a domain that grows little by little than for one that is in an uncontrolled descent.

If it is in decline, the strategy analysis hours are multiplied each workweek.

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