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French bulldog and Pug: basic differences you need to know

French bulldog and Pugs are small breeds of companion dogs. A Pug and a Frenchie have a short snout and are known as breeds of brachycephalic dogs. Brachycephalic breeds are banned by many airlines because they do not adjust well to fluctuations in air temperature during flights. Pugs and French bulldogs can also be happy with a single owner, as long as the dog spends most of the time with the owner.

Small apartment dogs

French bulldogs and Pugs require minimal exercise and are popular small dogs for apartments. While Pugs and French Bulldogs are good apartment dogs, French bulldog is calmer than Pugs. Both breeds can be difficult to train because of their stubborn temperament. Frenchie and Pug can learn basic obedience commands, but owners need to be patient and consistent to achieve good results. These breeds are good companion dogs for people who can spend most of their time with their animals. Retirees, single people and couples with older children who can apprehend a dog with a sense of humor can consider any of these breeds. While a Pug or French bulldog can spend most of the day with the owners, these breeds are happy in most conditions of life.

Pugs and bulldogs like to receive a lot of attention

Pug and Frenchie dog have reasonable exercise requirements. Pugs and French bulldogs are sensitive to extreme temperatures and should not be exercised during hot or humid weather to avoid heat stroke. Several daily walks combined with some indoor play helps keep Pugs and French Bulldogs active and healthy. Avoid over-feeding these breeds, as overweight dogs suffer from several health problems that can be avoided with a healthy diet and remaining active. Possible Pug and French bulldog owners should be aware that these breeds may have breathing problems and snoring during sleep is common for these small dogs. One thing is certain: French bulldog is more attentive, conscious, aggressive, playful, and obedient than pugs.

When comparing Pugs to French Bulldogs, the hygiene needs of these breeds are slightly different. Regular brushing helps remove most of the dead hair from the dog’s coat. As Pugs lose a lot, it’s a good idea to brush a Pug outdoors for easy cleaning. The preparation routine for brachycephalic breeds, such as Pugs or French Bulldogs, should include cleaning facial folds that tend to harbor dirt and bacteria. Ignoring these areas can result in several skin problems for both races.

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