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Ensure a clean and safe environment with powerful floor scrubber

Regardless of the size and type of area such as residential, commercial, educational, hospitality, etc. floor is an inevitable part of interior design. With clean and shinning floor you can instantly create great impression on your guests, customers and visitors. Floor withstands the most of daily wear and tear hence keeping the floor clean is no cakewalk. In today’s fast lifestyle everyone wants quick and effective outcome and with the high quality floor scrubber (เครื่อง ขัด พื้น ดูด กลับ which is the term in Thai) you can save significant amount of time and effort of cleaning the floor.

Reduce injuries

General cleaning method with mob and water take longer time to get dry consequently the chance of slip and fall is more. A high performance floor scrubber use less water than the traditional cleaning method and the brushes that move in a repetitive circular motion deep clean more effectively by removing the stubborn germs, bacteria, spots and debris. Floor scrubber is perfect solution for the areas that needs quick and constant cleaning of large square foot. With right cleaning equipment you can keep the shine and beauty of the floor intact without much effort.

Things to consider

For best cleaning experience choosing the right floor scrubber is crucial otherwise you might not get the expected result. The marketplace is flooded with floor scrubber of different size, types, brand, price range, specifications. A high quality floor scrubber will provide commendable cleaning service for long time period. Some of the factors that need to be consider beforehand are

  • Tank size
  • Machine size and shape
  • Power source
  • Noise level
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Pressure and dilution adjustments
  • Maintenance procedure

Order conveniently

Most of the online floor scrubber stores offer wide range of scrubber so that customers can conveniently search for the right one as per their cleaning needs and budget. Compare the price of the scrubber in different website and then choose the best deal.

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