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Do You Know What’s Really In Your Dog’s Food?

Do you know what’s really in the food that you buy for your dog? Have you ever read the ingredients list, or do you take the manufacturer’s word that the food you buy for your dog is the highest quality? Unfortunately, many pet owners don’t look at the labels and they just assume that the name brand dog food they buy every week is good for their dogs.

With that being said, taking a look at the ingredients list on your dog’s food is important and it could surprise you. When checking the label on your dog’s food, be sure to look for any of the following ingredients.And remember to look for the best residential dog training Liverpool has available and start your dog in a residential dog training course.

Ingredients To Watch Out For

Propylene Glycol-this substance is commonly used in make-up as a preservative and it’s something that your dog shouldn’t eat. It may potentially destroy red blood cells or cause haemolytic anaemia.

Hydrolysed Protein-it may sound good to have extra protein in dog food, but hydrolysed protein is actually a different name for MSG. Excessive intake of MSG is associated with heart issues and metabolic stress to dogs. Although it’s not fatal to dogs, they can get really ill.

Menadione-it is another toxic substance. FDA has banned it for human consumption. Menadione is sometimes labelled as Dimethylprimidinol Sulfate or Vitamin K3. Side effects of ingesting menadione include metabolic stress, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Don’t let your dog get sick from harmful ingredients in their dog food, always check all of the ingredients when reading labels and Google the ones that you don’t know. A healthy, nutritious diet will ensure a healthy and happy dog.

Proper residential dog training can help you get the most out of your dog, and you should look for the best residential dog training Liverpool has available and start your dog in a residential dog training course right away after getting a new dog.

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