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Charity For Israel Deserves Your Consideration

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Food insecurity affects around 8.3% of Israeli families at some point. Food insecurity refers to a family’s failure to access or manage nutritious meals that meet their nutritional needs in terms of both quality and quantity. Financial troubles can occasionally lead to protracted periods of food insecurity. Nearly 10% of the world’s population suffers from food insecurity.

We Are Passionate About Charity For Israel 

We at Meir Panim are dedicated to assisting the 10.6% of the population that are food insecure. We work with local communities and do everything we can to assist charity for Israel in meeting its food needs by guaranteeing food security. We support philanthropy in Israel because it is important to us. Everyone is welcome to eat at Meir Panim’s eating centers. Hundreds of people come to our dining facilities every day for hot, tasty, and nutritious meals delivered by a server in a restaurant-style atmosphere.

Make a Difference By Donating To Israeli Charities

At Meir Panim, we look after children, the elderly, and anybody else in need, notably during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns. We walked ahead and clasped hands with hungry and grieving folks while everyone else stayed back to save their lives. Despite the fact that our Or Akiva branch is closed on Fridays, due to an upsurge in the number of people in need, we decided to keep it open. Shabbat dinners, challah, and candles were delivered so that everyone could have a nice Shabbat!

So please step forward and do your part regarding charity for Israel right now! 

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