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Basics of a computer: DIfferent Plugins

  • Plug

The connector plug [ปลั๊ก, which is the term in Thai] is part of a cable that links to a port. The plug constantly links to something else, e.g., a jack or port. For instance, one of the most usual plugs is the power plug that links your computer screen, system, and various other tools to a source of power.

  • Cord and cable

Cable television or cord is one or more cords in a plastic covering that enables the transmission of power or data between gadgets. A cord is a single strand of steel, e.g., copper or optical fibers efficient in transmitting power or information from one location to an additional.

  • Connector

A connector is the distinct end of a plug, jack, or the side of a card that attaches to a port. As an example, all desktop computer growth cards have an adapter that enables them to attach in a slot on the motherboard. When describing cable televisions, the port is the completion of the cable that attaches right into a port. As an example, the completion of a USB cable has a connector that allows it to attach to a USB port.

  • Computer Port

The computer port has holes or a slot that identifies the plug or card linked to the port. A computer PS/2 port for a keyboard as well as a computer mouse with a PS/2 port to attach to the computer system.

  • Jack

A jack is similar to a port and is a hole or other connection that allows a compatible plug to link to the jack. With computers, a jack commonly defines an audio jack.

  • Adapter

An adapter is a tool efficient in converting power or data from one source of input into another. For instance, an Air Conditioning adapter used with a laptop as well as various other devices takes Air Conditioner power and transforms it into DC power.

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