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A Small Company Marketing Strategy Template

How To Produce A Small Company Marketing Strategy.

(For that purposes want to know , I’m using one particualr small company marketing strategy for any website design company)

1. Identify Your Ideal Client: a small company owner who:

Doesn’t have an internet site

Includes a website however is not getting results

Wants Google Places setup and/or optimised

Uses a Facebook business page setup

Really wants to boost their business in your area, not condition-wide or across the country

2. Suggests note regarding your Ideal Client (research them well):

Usually male between day of 25 to 50

Must know he requires a website (and can lack understanding and most likely be considered a little scared of websites and Search engine optimization)

Is frustrated – phone isn’t ringing, having to pay out money for website and/or Search engine optimization but no results, experiencing a good degree of discomfort regarding their marketing (publish Phone Book)

Understands how to perform a Search although not anything else online – so need a mix of offline and online marketing strategies

3. The Service our business offers will:

Be considered a temporary project oriented to construct and/or optimise websites, not lengthy term upkeep of websites or Search engine optimization

Try to get client strong fast results – Google local ranking, new clients

Depend on lower to earth, results oriented, high credibility, no ‘bull-s@#’ approach – ALL MARKETING MATERIAL MUST convey this in copy-writing, testimonials, videos, photos, look and overall feel.

4. Strategies: (all geared to achieve our Ideal client)

Our Business Website – Online (only needs a Search with best keywords Direct Response Marketing Geographically targeted Achieve High Search Ranking


Get Opt-in and Giveaway on website by the following month

Networking – Offline Owner enjoys and it is proficient at it


Find proper networking groups to go to and participate in short term

Joint Ventures – Offline Owner proficient at building these relationships Can delegate to some sales repetition or marketing company over time

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