Live dealer games have exploded in popularity at online casinos in recent years. The ability to play classic table games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat with a real human dealer streamed live in real-time has added an exciting new dimension to online play.

Choose a Rreputable casino

As with any online gambling, it’s vital to play live dealer games at a licensed, regulated online casino. Check the casino’s certifications, licenses, security measures, and reputation with players and industry watchdogs. Stick with established brands that use top-tier live dealer providers like Evolution Gaming and Ezugi. It ensures fair gameplay and professional, knowledgeable dealers you trust.

Check table limits

Live dealer games offer more table limits than land-based casinos, with options for casual players and high rollers alike. Check the betting limits at different tables to find one suitable for your bankroll. Most live dealer platforms let you filter tables by minimum/maximum wagers. Furthermore, you can choose player-friendly options like early payouts to adjust volatility. Set a gambling budget for each session and stick to it, quitting when you reach your loss limit. Never chase losses or make side bets hoping to recoup money. Sensible wagering keeps the gameplay fun and extends your playtime. Make smaller bets at first as you get comfortable with the flow of live dealer games.

Use proper etiquette

Live dealer games move slower than RNG games to accommodate real dealing time. Avoid spamming the chat box or rudely rushing the dealer. Remember there are other real players too. Be patient, polite, and respectful just as if playing in a real casino. Tip the dealer occasionally by clicking the tip icon. Proper etiquette makes the experience smooth for everyone. You can choose your preferred dealers and tables at live casinos. Scan through the live lobbies to view dealer photos, ratings, number of players seated, and table limits to find a good fit. Female dealers tend to draw the most players, while seasoned veterans provide expert service. Avoid crowded tables if you don’t like company. This level of customization lets you optimize the environment.

Adjust video quality 

Lagging video disrupts live gameplay, as low video quality. Before playing the best casino bonuses, make sure you have a stable, high-speed internet connection. On mobile, use WiFi if possible. You adjust video quality in the settings to improve performance based on your device and connection. Reduce video quality to sustain smooth video, even if it means lower resolution. A choppy video is more detrimental than reduced sharpness. While live dealer games involve more luck than skill, basic strategy does optimize odds in certain games. For blackjack, study blackjack strategy charts to learn the mathematically optimal plays for each hand scenario. Apply the strategies consistently to trim the house edge. In baccarat, go with the Banker bet and avoid tie bets. Even small edges boost your return to the player over many hands.