Blank Open Notepad Isolated On White Background Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 9787894.The free web-based service, Privnote permits users to send привнот notes in the form of encrypted destructing messages. Users can use Privnote for sharing any personal or confidential information in any part of the world from any device. 


Sending a confidential note or привнот note on Privnote is completely free of cost. The user will not even have to register or open any sort of account to avail of its free-of-cost benefits. 


The online platform offers essential options that enable a user to properly encrypt their messages for privacy. The safe and secure привнот note-sharing platform also provides an email notification and some phenomenal self-destruction options. For instance, those messages that are set for self-destruction once the message has been read can also be set to self-destruct themselves after a selected time frame.


How to use Privnote?

In order to enjoy the benefits of Privnote, one can visit Then, they can type the привнот note or message that they want to share. Next, they can now click on “Create Note”. Doing so will present the user with a link. Users can send this link to the intended recipient through email, personal message, text message, and even by copy-pasting the link into a messaging application.


Visiting to read this shared link will present the intended recipient or reader with a warning that states how a note will be destroyed once it is read. It will also remind the recipient to copy a note if they plan to save the confidential information for further usage.


What to do if a note has been mistakably sent to the wrong recipient?

In case you have sent the confidential note to the wrong person, don’t panic! All you have to do is simply paste the link for the note into your browser’s URL. This will display the note to you and self-destruct instantaneously. When the other person will try to open this link, a message saying that the note has been read already will display.


Is it possible to display a note that has only been read recently by hitting the back button?

Nope! The note will instantaneously self-destruct once it has been read by the intended recipient to whom the link was shared. There is not really a way to read the привнот note again once it has been destroyed forever. 


For how long will the unread notes stay stored on the server?

All the unread notes will get deleted automatically after 30 days. So, if you get a Privnote link make sure you open it within the 30 days period to avoid losing it forever. Because it can certainly have some crucial information you should not avoid missing out on in any case.


Privnote & Privacy

Privnote follows a very comprehensive privacy policy. This policy ensures that all the messages intended for the recipient shall remain private and secure at all times. You can read more about Privnote and its comprehensive privacy policy