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Visit Denmark Throughout the “Year from the Renaissance”

Nowadays, pretty much every town or town within the U . s . States offers an “authentic” renaissance festival. Almost always, these festivals feature such attractions as “authentic” renaissance maidens sporting authentic renaissance-era, biker chick tattoos and renaissance cuisine like Ye Olde hotdogs or Ye Olde pizza slices.

So most Americans know about Renaissance festivals using their encounters stateside. However, for entertainment, let’s think about the counterpart festivals in Countries in europe in which the Renaissance really required place.

Denmark, for instance, the nation that introduced us individuals ubiquitous plastic toys, Legos has designated the season of 2006 to become “The Year from the Renaissance.”

Imagine my surprise, a parent that has walked on the majority of a Lego at nighttime with bare ft, to understand that Legos do not have anything related to the Renaissance, and weren’t actually invented until later. All along, I’d assumed which i was long lasting individuals annoying little toys since it was great for my children’s education. Shows things i know.

OK, to Denmark. The whole country is open for business to celebrate the Renaissance. Take a look at these excerpts from Europe Travel News ([http://europetravelnews.com/2005_12/394_copenhagen-renaissance/#more-394]”)on a few of the exciting steps you can take and find out whenever you visit Denmark in the past year 2006:

–“2006 continues to be designated the entire year from the Renaissance in Denmark. To mark the occasion, a thrilling variety of cultural occasions is scheduled to occur all year round within the capital region. Exhibitions, concerts, walking tours and lots of other special activities, both inside and out, happen to be planned to concentrate on this remarkable period in Copenhagen?s history.”

–”History enthusiasts, amongst others, may have even more need to visit Copenhagen in the year 2006, once the city pays tribute towards the great achievements from the Renaissance. A multitude of special occasions, celebrating that outstanding duration of its history, is going to be held through the capital region.”

–“Kronborg Castle in Elsinore, in the seaward method of the Øresund Seem, is among Northern Europe’s most significant Renaissance castles. It’s also the favourite castle in Denmark, known around the globe because the setting for Shakespeare’s Town.”

–“In 2006, Hillerød will host a sizable Renaissance Festival with participants at home and abroad. You will see stands with food, beverages, handicrafts and entertainment – just like there have been during Christian IV. In September a parade through town to Frederiksborg Castle will cap the big event adopted by dancing, concerts and displays of knightly swordsmanship and horsemanship”.

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