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Thinking of Ways for Unloading Your Containers?

The most preferred mode of transport of the goods by the business involved in the import of goods is container shipping. The reason for this is that it is the most cost-effective method of shipping goods overseas. But the most crucial part of the container shipping that the business should not overlook is how the containers are unloaded at their premises.

The two options to unload the containers that the business can choose are – 

  • Opt for third party warehouse unloading container services
  • Opt the unloading of the container themselves

The second option would be the most cost-effective method, but there are many factors involved in the unloading of containers such as the time, the manpower requirement, the space requirement for unloading of the goods and the storage space once unloaded. 

When you opt for unloading the shipping container at your premises, there are some significant aspects that you should be aware of.

Timeframe allowed unloading the shipping container

The maximum free time for unloading the shipping goods allowed in the UK is three hours from the pre-booked arrival time that is provided by the shipping agent. Ensure to avoid the waiting time on the truck to reduce the fee imposed by the transport company of the shipping line. Check the charges for the waiting time as it varies from company to company. The longer the waiting time after the free period, the more expensive it could turn out to be.

Ground clearance

You might have to pay a specialist vehicle to drop the container at the ground level for you. But most often it will remain on the skeletal trailer, and the delivery point should access the container themselves. 

Next is the ground clearance of the containers, that the delivery point should have a loading bay, loading dock or ramp at the premises. But most of the time, it is not available. You would need the workforce to have the unloading of container done for you, especially for the loose loaded containers. The ladder can be used to climb up and gain access to the palletised goods in the container.

Return of the container after completion of unloading

When all the containers are unloaded, ensure that the container is clean and does not contain any broken pallets, cardboard, tape, wraps or other debris. It is worth cleaning and sweeping away any trash to avoid incurring any port charges for the cleaning of the container once returned.  

To sum up, when you choose to opt for the unloading and the delivery of the container directly, there are many smaller aspects that you need to focus on to avoid extra charges. When you have more and more containers arriving, it is best to opt for the first option – third party warehouse unloading container services, to ease the job. You will not need to worry about the staff requirement, warehouse spaces, unloading timeframe or cleaning the container. Get in touch with Mac Logistics if you need to know more about the unloading of the container or need warehouse space, we assure you the best service to have the work done in the most cost-efficient way for you.

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