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Movie Review For Krishna And His Leela

With COVID 19 pandemic striking the world, people were forced to stay inside their homes. So, it was noticed that to get rid of boredom and to get some entertainment, lakhs of people bought subscriptions of different OTT platforms. OTT platforms are gift of technologies and with the more innovations, these days some OTT platforms have been launched which is designed in one specific language. One such OTT platform is aha, it is a Telugu language OTT platform and its subscriber can watch every media contents in Telugu language.

In the Aha OTT platform, the users can watch different old as well as new series, movies and other shows in Telugu. Besides, the best feature provided by this OTT platform is that it provides its viewers with movies and series of different languages into dubbed Telugu versions. Other than the other movies, the subscribers of this OTT platform can also watch new movies in Telugu which are made and released in other languages. 

Krishna and his Leela

This is a Telugu romantic comedy film which has been directed by RavikanthPerepu. The movie came under the production companies like Suresh Productions, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and the producer was Sanjay Reddy. This is the second movie of RavikanthPerepu after his mystery thriller movie named Kshanam. The running time of the movie 145 minutes and the movie received digital release on 4th July on a top Telugu OTT platform. The movie features SidduJonnalagadda, Shraddha Srinath, Seerat Kapoor and ShaliniVadnikatti in the leading characters. 


The story revolves around its character named Krishna (Sidhu Jonnalagadda), who runs after girls and either gets rejected or dumped by the girls. This specification of the leading role provides the name of the movie. It does not take much for Krishna to fall in love, but it is reciprocated by none of the girls he likes. His first love Sathya (Shraddha Srinath) dumped him on the basis of his insecure nonsense and his second love Radha (ShaliniVadnikatti) was looking for something serious. The main twist in the tale arrives when Krishna moves to Bangalore and Sathya comes back to his life once again and chaos ensues. 

The myth making names of the characters of the movie can tell the viewers half of the story. In two hours of the movie, the viewers can witness heavy handed plot twists which involves Krishna’s father and his philandering ways, bunged in a lesson makes the movie bumpier. But the tone of the movie remains conversational and light and Krishna breaking the fourth wall quite frequently addressing the viewer’s directly does not mercifully feel overdone. 

In the End

As a Romantic comedy movie, Krishna and His Leela could grab the attention of his viewers quite successfully. So, to enjoy the comedy scenes of this movie, subscribe to the best OTT app as soon as possible and watch this movie as well as other movies in Telugu language. There are many more best romantic movies online on aha app.

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