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How To Avoid Bicycle Accidents

To drive a bicycle, it is not necessary to pass any exam, but that does not exempt us from responsibility when we cycle on the road or in the city. Unfortunately, we have to think that, in the event of an accident, we will bear the worst of it and, therefore, we must be the first to exercise extreme caution, without expecting that drivers of heavy vehicles will be as considerate as might be expected.

Tips For Avoiding Bicycle Accidents


Dress in colours that are easily visible to drivers, with reflectors if you are going to drive in low visibility conditions or at night; They never hurt, they can be useful, for example, when crossing poorly lit tunnels. Especially at night, but it is also very convenient during the day, it always incorporates a good front and rear light, which continues to work even when the bike stops (better with batteries than traditional dynamo systems).

Be careful with Cars

Be very careful with the lines of cars. Think that a door can be opened at any moment. If you are travelling through an area with parked cars, be careful, they may not see you and merge into your lane unexpectedly. Think that drivers sometimes rely too much on their sense of hearing, without thinking about cyclists who do not emit the same noise as motorized vehicles.


Be especially careful in roundabouts, as there are many accidents with cyclists. Any mistake by the driver of a car, who is usually more attentive to other cars than too small and silent vehicles such as the bicycle, can have serious consequences and the cyclist will surely bear the worst of it.

Wear Helmets

we always recommend the use of a helmet, even in cases where it is not mandatory, according to the laws of each state or place (city for people over 16 years of age, in some steep climbs or for demonstrable medical reasons). Unfortunately, almost all of us who frequently use the bicycle wreath (พวงหรีดจักรยาน which is the term in Thai) has been able to verify its effectiveness in a fall or accident, our own or someone else’s.

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