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Here’s how certain condition can make you feel insecure about your looks and what you can do about them:

7 things that make men feel insecure in a relationship | The Times of India

Everybody is different in the way the look. Some have a rounded face while others have a perfect jawline. But when it comes to get a desired look, there is very few that you can do. You can’t dream to have a perfect jawline if your face is all rounded. However, there are some exercises that can sharpen your jawline a bit, but they are not that effective. The only thing which is more effective is the medical procedures that claim to give you the desired results. Such procedures do not claim to transform you into a totally different looking person so you can try your luck in films. But these procedures are quite simple and are only those which can be performed without any complications.

Know the part of your body that you want to be fixed and go ahead:

Once you are aware of what in your body is ceasing you from going out and win the world, you can start to take action. If you feel that you have a lot of under-eye fat [ไขมัน ใต้ ตา , which is the term in Thai] then there are fortunately surgical procedures to get this fat removed. Similarly, for other conditions, you can get the help as well. You just need to be aware of what you would like get fixed and there is probably a medical procedure for it available.

Do not let your obsession of looking good ruin your life:

Getting a surgery to get rid of wrinkles, flaky skin, etc. is understandable. But when you start to become obsessive about how you look, the problems start to arise. This is where a person, even after a doctor trying to explain about the ill effects which can be faced, start to deteriorate their beauty by themselves. So it is very crucial that you are totally clear in your mind that why it is that you want the surgery.

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