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Get a quick fund with reliable car pledge

When someone faces the urgent needs to arrange quick fund the assets owned can be quite useful. A car is an asset that not only provides immense freedom, convenience and comfort on road but also it can come to your help when you are need of quick access to money. The fund from the car pledge (รับจำนำรถยนต์ which is the term in thai) can be used for large purchases, debt consolidation, emergency expenses, wedding, holiday plan, higher education, etc. Nowadays remarkably large numbers of people from different walks of life take car pledge as it is available at a fast pace at a low interest rate compared to other types of loan such as personal loan, credit card, home-equity loan, etc.

Do proper research

For smooth, fast and reliable car pledge processing choose the right company. Otherwise if you fall prey to the substandard or fake company you might not get expected interest rate or even you might not get your car back. Before choosing any car pledge company consider certain factors and then take informed decision

  • Check the license, professionalism and experience of the company
  • Ensure the company has reputation of quick and hassle free fund processing
  • Less documents and simple eligibility criteria
  • Offer fund on wide ranges of car brands and models
  • Age of the car not an issue
  • Take care of the car until the full repayment

Get relevant information

Most of the reliable car pledge companies follow very steps to close the deal. The borrowers receive the money in tier bank account within 24 hours. No one knows when they might need to take car pledge and as the amount of money largely depends on the condition and age of the car hence always keep your car well maintained. Before signing the contract read it carefully and ensure you understood all the terms and conditions. Check the documents requirements for car with and without finance and be well aware.

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