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Regardless of whatever variation you play, the rules of poker remain the same. Knowing the basic rules makes it simple to learn how to play poker. Following that, you’ll notice that the official poker rules are applied differently depending on which game variant you choose. In reality, we don’t play Texas Hold’em the same way we do idnplay Omaha or Stud. Consult our pages dedicated to each of these variants to learn more about the nuances.

What is the best way to learn how to play poker?

To learn how to play poker, start by reading over all of the rules here. Then spend some time memorizing the hands (also called card combinations). They’re all on one page, so you can access them quickly throughout your initial games.

  • Then look for the bets, also known as bids (Limit, Pot Limit or No Limit).
  • Finally, spend some time to learn about the various playing heights (High, Low, Hi-Lo).
  • Following that, you’ll be able to learn about the different poker variants. You’ll find that if you have a good understanding of the rules of poker, you’ll have no trouble understanding these variations.

Before we get into the meat of the issue, one last thing, the rules of poker, like any other game or activity, may be a little rigid at times, at least in principle. Thus, the first article of the official poker rules stipulates, for example, that the players’ positions must be determined by lot. In practice, we will refrain from boring our friends with such minutiae.

Poker guidelines

Playing with real money in poker is frowned upon (coins, tickets). As a result, each player will swap a certain number of tokens before beginning each game. The cellar is the collection of tokens, and when a player redeems one, they are said to be “rebuying.”

  • A minimum quantity from the basement, as well as a maximum amount, is required for admission to a table. The type of auction also determines, albeit indirectly, the table entry fee.
  • In a game of poker, the cards are dealt clockwise. As a result, the distribution of cards, speaking turns, and stakes are always to the left.
  • Although the myth of cheaters is not always true, some poker rules encourage players to accept responsibility in order to avoid problems.
  • The cellar must be placed on the table, which we refer to as “carpet.” (Hence the term “goes all,” which means “to bet all his remaining chips”). There should be no hidden tokens, and each player is accountable for their own cards. As a result, he must safeguard his hand (hide the face side of his cards).

Finally, at the start of the game, the length of a reflection time must be determined. The dealer’s job is to remind all of the players of the deadlines during the game.

Distribution of cards

The card dealt is always the card on top of the deck, according to poker regulations. The most frequent cheating method is to slide a previously selected card from beneath the deck. The first card of the deck is never dealt; it is considered a burn card (one that is set aside in case the dealer makes a mistake).


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