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Everything you should know before playing an online slot game

The gameplay of online slots

Slot machine games are those that are played with a mechanical machine with reels on it. If you push the lever, the reels will start to spin. While moving online, the mechanism of the game remained the same. You will still be spinning the reels but with a spin button on your computer instead of a lever. Online slots are becoming more popular because of the ease of play. There is no skill required to succeed in online slots. You can have slightly better luck in preventing your money if you choose a suitable game and pay line. There are several websites online like slotxo that attract players to play a variety of slot machine games. Although there are several variations in the slot machine games, the gameplay will be somewhat similar. The gameplay of the basic slot machine game is listed below.

  • The player decides the amount to bet and chooses the pay line along with the combination of symbols.
  • The player presses the “Spin” button.
  • The reels will start to spin.
  • Once the reels stop, a pay line will fall over one symbol on each reel in the horizontal direction.
  • If the combination of symbols below the pay line is similar to that selected by the player before the spin, he wins.
  • There will be several pay lines in some of the slot games. In such cases, the player will select the active pay line by betting the amount required to activate that particular pay line.

Types of online slot games 

Online slots are classified into three major categories as below,

Reel slots – It is the traditional game of slots that will consist of three reels and one pay line. The probability of guessing the right combination will be high in reel slots.

Video slots – It is the modern development of slot games. There will be five reels and a minimum of nine pay lines. The pay line count can exceed up to hundreds in some cases. The probability of guessing the right combination is low since there are many pay lines and reels. As the probability of winning is low, the payouts will be high compared to reel slots.

Progressive slots – These are ordinary slot machines games with a jackpot. Every slot machine in a casino that conducts progressive slots will be connected. Once a new player joins in a game on any of these machines, a part of his betting amount will add on to the jackpot. The person who guesses the right combination will take all the money from the jackpot.

Slot themes

Apart from the gameplay and types, you should know about the themes for slot machine games. Mostly, every slot game will be based on a theme. It can be a reflection of a movie character, an adventure, or a comic story and set up. The objective of using themed slots is to attract customers who are interested in these out-of-casino activities.

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