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Avoid disaster on road with high performance tire

In today’s fast lifestyle car has become a necessity. Along with your driving skill for the smooth and blissful ride on road your car must be on perfect conditions. The tire of the car plays vital role in the overall efficiency and performance of the car.  There are people who give less importance to the quality of the tire and compromise with any random brand and end up dangerous consequence. Road is the place where you might encounter various difficult situation such as potholes, uneven roads, adverse weather, collision with other vehicles, etc. But with the reliable, high quality and durable Pirelli Tires (ยาง รถยนต์ Pirelli, which is the term in thai) you can feel confident on road and ensure safety of your family.

Be responsible

As a driver you should be well aware of traffic rules, turning and changing lanes, proper parking and most importantly the condition of your car and tire. Tire is the part of your vehicle that comes in contact with the road and hence it is quite obvious that it will show the signs of wear and tear after few years. Depending on how often you ride and responsibly you ride you can keep your tire in tip top conditions for years. Some of the other factors that can make the difference in your confidence on road are

  • Regular tire maintenance such as rotation, alignment and inspections
  • Checking tire air pressure
  • Do not exceed the load capacity relative to the tire’s load index
  • Check tire tread regularly and ensure there is sufficient tread depth left, and no punctures or visible damage to the tire

Act promptly

If you see any types of damage on the tire then act promptly and get it repaired from reliable service center. Most of the reputable dealers not only offer wide range of tires of reliable brands but also offer services such as wheel switch, wheel balancer, tire inflator, nitrogen filling, etc. Hence choose the best tire and have peace of mind.

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