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Advantages of Changing Halogens For LEDs In Your Home

Of all the reasons to switch to LED bulbs, the most important for a domestic economy is, of course, savings. According to calculations, with the replacement of halogens by LEDs, you can save a total of 115 euros per lamp (taking into account its entire useful life

To this great advantage must be added others such as the following:

  • Longer LED life: the average is 10 to 15 years (45,000 hours), but there are cases in which the LED bulb works even for 25.
  • Low heat wastage: energy loss in the form of heat is only 15%.
  • Respect for the environment: LEDs do not emit ultraviolet or infrared light and are also free of mercury and tungsten, polluting substances present in halogens.
  • Safety: by not getting hot during operation, the risk of burns from accidentally touching them is reduced. On the other hand, as they lack filament, they are much more resistant to shocks and vibration.
  • Possibility of regulating the light intensity: most of the LED bulbs are available in a dimmable version, making it possible to attenuate or reinforce the intensity of the light depending on the needs.
  • Versatility for decoration. Available in different colors, sizes, and powers, with led lights, you can renew your home’s decoration.

How To Replace Halogens With LEDs In Your Home

Have you finally decided to change halogens for LEDs? It’s very simple. You do not need a universal adapter for it. you have to select the halogen-analog led bulbs you have in your house’s different light points. Anyway, at the first setback that arises with your lighting installation, you can trust experts to install lamps or wall lights that will make the change from halogen bulbs to Led for you in complete safety.

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